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STKS has actively carried out many projects by focusing on building various scientific-and-technological knowledge in order to meet the NSTDA community's needs to engineer knowledge, conduct researches and analytical studies according to their tasks, including proactive services that deliver to individuals, organizations, and communities.

To succeed in accomplishing the projects, STKS promotes and encourages the users to use Open Source Software (OSS) & Freeware for library system for managing library tasks and their daily jobs. Such OSS and Freeware includes:

  • Institutional Repository, NSTDA IR (DSpace)
  • Digital Library (Greenstone & CMS)
  • Tools for Knowledge Management & NSTDA KM including Content Management System, CMS Joomla (Web 2.0)
  • Knowledge Sharing : Blog
  • Collaboration : Dokuwiki (Paperless)
  • Integrated Library System, NSTDA online Library - Koha
  • Value Added Initiative Turn Information into Knowledge
    • Patent Mapping
    • Knowledge Mapping
  • Bibliometrics & Information Analysis
    • Data/Text Mining Tool
    • Vantage Point
STKS Services
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